Hi, my name is Ski Chilton. Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and I am extraordinarily blessed! I am blessed not because my life has been straightforward or easy; in many ways, it has been just the opposite. I am blessed not because I have answered all the vital questions regarding how to be happy in this life or what my existence will be like once I have passed from this life.

No, I feel blessed because after 58 years of living, I believe I have begun to ask the most impactful questions, and in my quest to answer these questions, have begun to find joy. It is the combination of asking the critical questions and  then being completely honest and vulnerable with myself in answering these questions that my mind is now being transformed in ways I could have never imagined.

By asking the right questions, I have realized that I have been the source of my unhealthy behaviors, painful feelings, and broken relationships. By asking the right questions, the devastation of my past and current chaos of my life now serve as the essential lessons necessary to move me into a higher state of consciousness? By asking what I call the first principle questions, I am beginning to unleash the power of my mind to finally live my best life and to prepare me for the next chapter after this life ends.

Will you take this powerful, transformative journey with me?

The central focus of the blog is our mind because it serves as the foundation for all our reactions, responses, behaviors, emotions, sensations and choices. It is the sources of a millions of unconscious and a far less number of conscious thoughts each day. It is the foundation of where we either become and stay imprisoned in unhappiness or discover and live in freedom.

This blog is a precursor to my upcoming book, The Rewired Brain: Free Yourself of Negative Behaviors and Release Your Best Self which will be published by Baker Books this summer.

Before we begin this journey together, let’s  begin to think about a few key questions in areas that tend to keep us imprisoned in cycles of unhealthy feelings and behaviors. This may be an inability to maintain healthy relationships. Perhaps it’s out of control kids despite your endless efforts. Maybe your best attempts at work leave you feeling empty, unappreciated and discouraged.

For me, one of my biggest questions was the fact that my life had included a series of incredibly destructive relationships that hurt those I loved the most.  rewiredbrain_2This continued despite my knowing that I was a deeply loving person and wanted nothing more than a meaningful, passionate long-term relationship. So why couldn’t I have what I desired the most? Why can’t you?

In this blog we will ask the critical questions about the most important areas of life including:

1) Finding Meaning, Passion and Purpose 

2) Understanding and Exploring Your Mind

3) Living a Healthy and Vibrant Life

4) Parenting

5) All Kinds of Relationships (Romantic, Familial, Work)

6) Sex/ Intimacy

My promise to you is that I will guide you to ask the significant questions so that you may begin the journey of transformation. I encourage you to be honest, transparent and fearless with yourself, and I in turn I will be authentic and vulnerable with you. You can follow this blog through FacebookTwitter or by entering your email in the top right section under the header of the blog.

I remind you as we begin this journey of a quote by one of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho;

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”





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