I vividly remember last Easter. I was working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week writing my new book, The Rewired Brain. I was so busy with my writing and my job, and I was trying to “work in” a couple of Easter services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. To be quite honest, I felt hollow after each church service because I sensed that I was not hearing meaningful messages about the significance of Easter. It was probably my fault (and not the preachers’ that I was listening to) because of my stressed state of mind. I had been so busy, that spending time with God in prayer and meditation each day had taken a back seat to my work.  So overall, I was just annoyed with myself, and I clearly was not sensing the meaning of Easter.

But then, God provided me my Easter miracle in the form of a sunrise. I want to share with you my thoughts from my diary last year. To provide backdrop, I had gotten up very early, already written for a couple of hours, and had completely forgotten it was Easter.

Texture of bright evening sky during sunset

From my Diary,

“In my hurry to get started this morning, I forgot that today is Sunday. Then suddenly, I realize that it’s not just any Sunday, it’s Easter Sunday. I sat at the kitchen table looking out my window as dawn peeks lazily through the horizon. My phone tells me the sun will rise in nine minutes, enough time for me to grab a coat, warm my coffee, and run outside to my backyard to behold the morning’s glory.

As I shiver in the dawn chill, my eyes rest on the magnificent orange sky stretched low and speckled with bold hues of yellow and red. Staring at the bursts of color, I realize I am not wearing any shoes. And I’m freezing sitting outside on this early April morning blanketed by 37 degrees of cold. Then, the chill dissipates. My attention is drawn toward the first brilliant rays of light as the sun begins to rise. A new day. A new dawn. Easter Sunday. Again!

My sunrise rendezvous reminds me that Easter, the day on the Christian calendar where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, signifies that Christ loved me and everyone else SO much that He came to this Earth, only to be crucified for us (by us, our sins) all. And because He did, we are free. Free from sin, yes; but Easter embodies more than our sins.

Easter symbolizes a new start for each of us. It reminds us that we are liberated from all the sins, mistakes and sorrows that have made our lives so difficult. We are released from the prison that our world, and perhaps more importantly we, have placed us in. We are freed from the regrets and resentments of our past and the fears and expectations of the future. And yes, our timeless spirits are now free from this temporal life and these flawed bodies to live forever with Him. Truly, the miracle of Easter and the significance of the new sunrise is that we get to put all our bad stuff (from our sins to our deteriorating (aging) bodies) behind us and move forward today into an unimaginably wonderful new future.”

God bless you all! Happy Easter 2016!

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