It is with incredible sadness that I sense that our great country is rapidly moving in a very angry, fear-driven and dangerous direction. In my new book, The Rewired Brain, I talk about how that during deeply dark periods of history, we see the dangers of our animal-like survival instincts. These instincts rapidly react when we encounter people that are different (i.e. gender, race, religion, or nationality) than us. Then is especially dangerous if we are edged on by charismatic individuals/leaders from our same tribe.

Then, there is a powerful tendency to move toward fear or hate that ultimately leads to violence, racism, bigotry, misogyny, and exclusion.

In contrast to our animal instincts, I also believe that we have better angels within us. For me as a Christian, this belief is heavily inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Consequently at times like these, it is critical to look to Jesus’s words in the gospels such as his Sermon on the Mount starting with the beatitudes in the 5th chapter of Matthew.  Read Jesus’s words in Matt 5:43-48 where he implores us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.  Read the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) when Jesus was asked, ‘Who is your neighbor?’ Notice the neighbor, hero and Good Samaritan of the parable is not someone from the religious establishment, not a representative of the dominate political party or race, but an extraordinarily beautiful individual from a religiously despised minority. Read Jesus’s words in Matt 25:31-46 and notice how He says we will ultimately be judged …‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Jesus’s teachings turn everything and especially our animal instincts to be first and dominate upside down.

I have spent the past 15 years working with refugees from all over the world. I traveled to Darfur, Sudan when millions of  people were being killed in an horrific genocide. I currently tutor Syrian refugee children every week. In all of these circumstances, these poor, unfortunate (typically women and children) beautiful people have done nothing to deserve their fate. These Syrians families have lost everything, their homes in places like Aleppo and Homs, most of their family members killed to genocide, all of their possessions, gone. They lived in tin cans and tents in refugee camps in Jordan for 4-5 years and were vetted for over two long years to have the right to walk on our soil. The rumor that there is a lack of vetting is simply not true. These poor people are simply the victims of horrific unthinkable circumstances…these are Jesus’s special ones…our neighbors.

And each time I’m with them, I think, ‘there but for the grace of God go I and my family.’

There are those who rationalize our country’s direction and executive orders by saying all of this is to keep us safe. But I am also a scientist and the data says otherwise. There has never been a case where a Syrian refugee killed an American, and yet these people are banned from our country indefinitely.

You have a 6000 times better chance of being killed by your friends and neighbors than an Islamic immigrant. If you want to ban someone, ban your friends and neighbors.

You have a 10 times greater chance of being killed by an armed toddler or 15 times more likely of being killed by lightning than an Islamic immigrant.

I would end by reminding us that aside from Native Americans, we are all immigrants to this great country. Hate or ban who you want, but do it knowing that if you are an American or a Christian, you are doing it against the key principles that this country stands for and the words and actions of Jesus Christ when he walked this earth.

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