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The past 16 months has been a fantastic journey filled with so much beautiful light, but also at times, profound sadness and loss. During this time, I made the conscious decision to step away from social media. Forgive me, as I was writing and publishing my last book “The Rewired Brain”, I realized that I needed to rewire my own brain and that included a deeper awareness of who I was (my SELF), which entailed me stop counting the # of my “likes” or book sales, and start doing daily 5:30 am meditation and prayer for two years. I was also SO sadden (and deeply depressed) by watching many of friends who I know are wonderful people turn on and in many cases destroy each other over simple (often political) disagreements. But alas, my desire to love and inspire others overcame the potential upsides of isolation.

So here’s what’s happened in the time I’ve been away:
My beautiful wife Trish and I moved to the University of Arizona in magical Tucson, and I took a position as the Director of the Precision Wellness Initiative, Associate Director of the BIO5 Institute, and as a faculty member in the UA Department of Nutritional Sciences. To learn more about our new Precision Nutrition and Wellness Initiative at UA, go to . Follow our work and my incredible team of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral MD and PhD students and research specialists on social media at:

Although our life and work in Arizona blossomed, we did face difficult and tragic times. Within just a month of settling here, I had a potentially devastating horse accident one Sunday afternoon that completely shattered my pelvis. No worries, I now have a nice new metal pelvis, am back on a horse, and in perhaps the best shape of my life, riding my bicycle 40 miles a week. Most importantly, Trish and I lost both of our remaining parents, Joe and Ruby; my mother Ruby (passed away in the spring) was my guiding light and motivation and largely responsible for everything that I am…I miss her so much every day.

Despite the difficulties of loss, transition and missing friends in NC, Tucson and its magical desert and mountain scenery, rich Sonoran Hispanic culture, and mystical sunsets have stolen our hearts. The opportunities that have already taken flight at the University of Arizona are manifestations beyond my wildest professional and personal dreams. We are so filled with gratitude and thanks. Now, my only desire is to love and inspire others with my science, words and actions. Cheers to a wondrous, kind and compassionate journey into a generous future as we move into 2020!

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