When Tragedy Strikes

When it comes to the topic of overcoming tragedy, I can think of no greater inspiration than my son, Josh Chilton. An automobile accident when he was 17 years old left Josh paralyzed, and to witness his journey since has been an honor. Call me biased, but I’m so proud of my son, and I know others — like me — can learn a lot from him.

In this Rewired Wednesday, Josh joins me to share his story; and starting today, you can download chapter seven of The ReWired Brain — “When Tragedy Strikes,” co-authored by Josh — right here on my website for FREE. I can’t wait for you to read it.

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Rewired Wednesday: Prisons in Our Minds

In today’s Rewired Wednesday video, let’s talk about a topic I spend a good deal of time on in The Rewired Brain: childhood trauma. I know firsthand what an impact it can have on the rest of your life. While it can certainly be used to propel you to greater success, I have learned that beyond that, it is crucial to first reframe your experiences. That way, you can go forth in life motivated by security and love of your true SELF, rather than bitterness or fear.

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